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Our friend Ivan, from a large family, began his artistic life at the age of 13 by playing the leading role in a Hungarian film such as "The Button War". Unfortunately for him, when he could have been at the Cannes Film Festival in 1957, the revolution invaded Budapest just after the theatrical release: the cinemas were set on fire and the posters crushed by Soviet tanks. Accompanied by a friend, Ivan fled in a crazy epic worthy of the film adventures he is fond of.
When they arrived in Austria, the Red Cross offered them all the countries in the world, but it was France that was chosen because of Gérard Philippe in "Fanfan la Tulipe" and because of the Eiffel Tower.

Adopted by a family in Toulouse, Ivan learned French and revealed his talents for drawing. He went to Paris to follow the Corvisart school where he acquired the different techniques of graphic art, photography and advertising. And he began to work and create with multiple forms of artistic expression: first of all knife paintings, dark and sad as his heart. Then, pen drawings, rich in tiny details, cartoons from the hole in the subway tickets. In the bistros of Saint Germain des Près, Ivan captures the life and atmosphere that he reproduces in dreams and poetry.
The events of May 1968 made Ivan flee again. He takes a drawing board and crosses France until he is dazzled by our region and Saint Tropez. This is how he first settled in Ramatuelle and soothed his sadness with the beauty of the place and the kindness of the people. 
As Ivan's motto is to be free while living from his art, he works, works a lot. And he is known for his cartoons sketching the summer atmosphere, drawings that appeared in newspapers including Var-matin.
His pen drawings are popular and he creates many postcards.
In 1973, Ivan opened the Galerie des Deux Rues where he exhibited his work alongside some of the great names in painting. But, as it takes him too long, he stops her after three years to devote himself solely to his art.

Ivan's great creative imagination and humour quickly led him to develop his art into three-dimensional paintings in which he introduced objects: cars, tennis balls, golf balls, folded dollar bills, counterfeit ten-franc coins, telephone cards, cans, etc... Ivan also publishes fun drawing booklets and colouring booklets. Always welcoming to any request, he creates placemats, invitations, personalized gifts, original trophies, posters such as "Les Voiles de Saint Tropez" in 2010, "La Saint Tropez Classic" in 2014 & "Les Voiles latines" in 2019.
Dazzled by the majesty of the boats during the first "Nioulargue", Ivan began to fold magazine sheets into small boats that he inserted into his paintings. Thus was born "L'Art - Bateau", which has become his speciality for more than thirty years, an art that has since been exported all over the world and which enabled him to create his brand in 2017.

For Ivan, "only work allows talent to succeed". Thus, with art and method, structure and harmony, meticulousness and originality, he combines colours, shapes, objects or folded paintings and transforms the material into windows opening onto dreams and beauty.
It is up to you to discover it in this exhibition as well as in the brochure published by the association "Friends in Hor" on the occasion of the retrospective "50 de vie d'artiste à Saint Tropez" during which Ivan received the city's gold medal.
 At the end of the brochure, you will find Ivan's biography with a list of exhibitions including Ramatuelle 1990, 2014&2011.

Atelier Ivan Hor
36, rue des Remparts
83990 Saint-Tropez

Tel : +33 611 801 242
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Tasting / Weinprobe

Découverte de nos vins :
Cuvée Claire 
Rosé, Blanc
Sans RDV  30 minutes (Maximum 9 personnes, au delà, nous contacter)


Visit and discover of the winery / Besuch und entdeckung des weingutes

Présentation historique, petite visite du chai suivie d'une dégustation de notre Cuvée Claire Rosé, Blanc agrémentée de toats

Réservation obligatoire 60 minutes
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Les vins de la Madrague
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